Garage Cleaning

Real Estate managers and owners know how difficult it is to keep a

clean appearance in their parking garage facilities. Whether it’s a

downtown public parking garage, a hospital or museum garage or

a private condominium garage, we’ve all seen how quickly they can

become filthy and undesirable. SparkleWash of Denver has clients

in all of these categories.

Oil and grease from the vehicle traffic and ice and salt from the winter

Can quickly turn an asset into a liability.  Fortunately, SpakleWash of Denver

has the experience and technical equipment to thoroughly clean your garage

and decks.  We provide parking garage cleaning services throughout

the Denver metro area.  We can clean parking lots, parking garages and

garage decks with our hot high pressure washers. Depending on your

parking garage’s cleaning needs, we can provide any combination of

power sweeping, power scrubbing and power washing. We can clean your

parking garage, lot or deck with our environmentally clean chemicals.

We can clean your garage, lot or deck and reclaim the water.


Parking Garages should be cleaned at least once a year, and in high
traffic garages, twice a year. Our state-of-the-art commercial parking
garage cleaning equipment and degreaser removes the buildup of oil
and grime we find in parking garage facilities. This not only helps in
presenting a cleaner, safer looking parking garage, It also will help in
maintaining the rest of your property by cutting down on the amount of
oil and grime that gets tracked into the businesses.


Our knowledgeable staff is experienced in how to remove stains and
debris such as oil, rust, efflorescence, vehicle exhaust, chewing gum,
beverage spills, animal excrement and carbon buildup commonly found
on many surfaces throughout parking garage facilities. Each parking lot
or garage cleaning is approached based upon the existing conditions,
and we will use the correct products and methods specific to your
facility’s cleaning and maintenance requirements.


Power washing a parking garage must be done correctly. The EPA’s
environmental standards should always be met. Our ability to reclaim &
reuse water meets the EPA’s criteria and laws. Many other
companies do not invest in environmental reclaim equipment, lifts and
hot water machinery and fail to use the proper personal protection
equipment or fail to ensure a safe work area for all. We have
invested in the proper equipment to handle your power washing needs
while meeting strict EPA Clean Water Act guidelines. We can schedule your cleaning

24 hours a day to minimize any inconvenience to your clients.

We carry in excess of $5,000,000 in liability insurance for your protection.


Call SparkleWash of Denver today for a free no obligation inspection of

Your parking garage facilities:  303-499-6722