Training Programs

TRS offers training sessions covering a number of topics related to cooling tower and industrial facility operation. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the topics covered, and the importance of the topics as they relate to efficiency of operation and economics. TRS provides textbooks, manuals, classroom instruction, and arranges hands-on active demonstrations with handouts. Training sessions can be generic or detailed, covering from 1/2 day to a full week, and can be individually tailored to fit the needs of the participants.

Training topics available include the following:

  • Cooling tower theory of operation
  • Cooling water treatment – fundamentals, goals, concerns and techniques
  • Cooling tower maintenance and operation
  • Optimizing water cooled systems for efficiency of operation
  • Cooling tower performance monitoring for efficient operation, automatic and manual
  • Methods of corrosion and its control in cooling towers and industrial facilities
  • Scale control in cooling towers and heat exchange equipment
  • Surface protection and alternative repairs though specialty coatings for industrial applications.