Denver Colorado Water Treatment, Cooling Tower & Industrial Coating Specialists from TRS Inc. | ServicesConsultation, engineering, and repair services for every cooling tower and specialty coating need:

  • Chemical and ozone water treatment programs and service contracts.
  • Cooling tower repair, upgrade, retrofit, service, maintenance, and parts identification and sales.
  • Administration of non hazardous, on-line environmentally friendly de-scaling and cleaning of cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers, and cooling systems.
  • Application of surface coatings including barrier and sacrificial coatings to concrete, asphalt, steel, tile, and wood.
  • Testing, consultation, evaluation, and turn-key solutions for thermal performance, noise abatement, and plume abatement requirements of cooling towers.
  • Consultation and efficiency studies for improved cooling tower performance providing energy savings and economic solutions to increasing loads.
  • Thermal performance testing and vibration analysis testing of cooling towers.
  • Consultations, equipment, and service applying technologically advanced and environmentally friendly ozone water treatment for cooling towers, air handlers, scrubbers, fountains, zoological displays, and more.
  • Preventive cooling tower maintenance and cleaning.
  • New cooling tower erection services.
  • Complete cooling tower replacement.

Call us for all of your needs related to cooling towers: water treatment, repairs, consultation, engineering and specialty coatings.