Our People. The Cooling Tower Specialists.

The people at TRS, and the experience they possess, provide a commitment to success that makes the winning difference. TRS offers a wide range of products & services related to cooling towers, corrosion prevention, repair and prevention of surface and component degradation, and ozone water treatment. TRS provides evaluation & consultation to help solve existing problems and avoid future complications related to your cooling tower and associated heat transfer equipment, as well as training to advance your productivity. Let us put out expertise to work to provide the solutions you need in Engineering & Efficiency Evaluation, Repairs, Maintenance, Retrofit & Upgrade, Sound & Plume Abatement, New Tower Erection, Water Treatment, and Specialty Coatings. The individuals of TRS are dedicated to your full satisfaction.

William Platts – Presidentbplatts@trsinc.us
Twenty-five years engineering experience ranging from design, application, sales and manufacture’s representation. Eighteen years experience in the cooling tower industry.

Nick Williams – Senior Vice Presidentnwilliams@trsinc.us
Since 1985 his business experience has focused on marketing, sales, business organization, manufacturing, service and cooling tower water treatment.  In the cooling tower industry since 1994

Mark Crary – Vice President of Operationsmcrary@trsinc.us
His expertise is in Building Engineering and Operations Manager. A strong background in HVAC, water treatment and construction services since 1980.

Dave Puckorius – Water Resource Managerdpuckorius@trsinc.us
Has been in the water treatment industry since 1989 and has expertise in all aspects of cooling tower systems, boiler systems, closed loop systems, thermal energy storage systems, and potable systems. Specific expertise in water treatment programs, formulation development, on-site seminars for operators, system design, sick building syndrome, lay-up procedures, analytical testing and legionnaires disease.