Environmental Awareness

TRS is committed to a policy of environmental awareness and responsibility and provides evaluation & consultation to help solve existing problems and avoid future complications related to environmental issues. Our internal protocols, and our marketing objectives, include elements designed to minimize negative environmental impact and maximize efficient use of all natural resources. Our water treatment group promotes the use of ozone as an environmentally friendly option to hazardous chemicals. Chemical discharge from a cooling tower represents a tremendous load on the ecological balance of our environment. Applying ozone treatment instead of chemicals eliminates harmful emissions since ozone reverts to beneficial oxygen after reaction in the cooling tower water. TRS also utilizes non-hazardous, on-line environmentally friendly de-scaling and cleaning of cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers, and cooling systems using biodegradable RydLyme. Our coatings group offers barrier coatings to protect against harmful liquid spills and contamination. Our tower group solves noise and heat pollution issues while at the same time maximizing energy and water efficiencies to conserve and preserve natural resources.

TRS has indeed set itself apart from our competitors by our guarantee of excellence, our commitment to ecologically friendly solutions, and our focus on integrity, craftsmanship, and environmental responsibility. The TRS corporate office is located in the Rocky Mountains with a corporate base in beautiful Golden, Colorado.