Ozone Water Treatment

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Cooling Tower Water Treatment:

Cooling tower water must be properly treated for safety, performance, and equipment longevity. Traditional chemical water treatment has been the standard for many years and is now joined by ozone water treatment. Stand-alone ozone water treatment uses only the addition of environmentally friendly ozone gas to cooling water to provide excellent results. Ozone water treatment often outperforms traditional chemicals in many ways in addition to environmental responsibility. Information from the Federal Government on ozone water treatment for cooling towers can be found in our resources page. TRS can provide equipment, service, and consultation for successful application of a chemical-free ozone water treatment program assuring excellent, reliable and environmentally responsible results.

Why Choose Ozone Water Treatment?

Traditional chemical water treatment uses chemicals to minimize the impact of biological activity, corrosion, and scale. Ozone water treatment from TRS adds ozone gas, a naturally occurring form of oxygen, to provide evaporative cooling without the use harmful chemicals. While many ‘black box’ technologies exist, ozone is a proven technology founded on scientific principals. When a competent specialist applies ozone, a comprehensive water treatment program is designed considering all the demands of each particular situation. Independent observations by agencies such as The United States Federal Government, ASHRAE, and others have shown ozone to be a viable, reliable, environmentally friendly treatment alternative. Why use ozone?

  1. Eliminate or Reduce Chemicals Needed – Traditional chemical treatment requires drums, bags, or pails of harmful, hazardous, expensive materials be transported to, stored in, and later disposed from the building. With ozone, a single piece of equipment safely replaces this burden. Programs can be designed to use ozone stand alone, or in conjunction with chemical supplements as needed.
  2. Superior Biological Control – Ozone is without question the best commercially available biocide. Ozone is effective at eradicating Legionella bacteria which is the best due-diligence towards avoiding the risk of a Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak. In addition, clean surfaces transfer heat better and last longer, so good biological control yields better system efficiency and longer equipment life.
  3. Efficiency – Cleaner surfaces transfer heat better and use less energy. Applying ozone treatment will give better energy efficiency for lower operating costs.
  4. Environmental Awareness – Chemical discharge from a cooling tower (blowdown) represents a threat to the ecological balance of our environment. Chemical biocides, dispersants, and corrosion inhibitors present in the discharge (blowdown) water of a cooling tower harm the environment. A properly applied ozone treatment system eliminates the harmful emissions because ozone reverts to beneficial oxygen after reaction in the cooling tower water.