The Benefits of Power Washing Cooling Towers

Water treatment is a necessity in cooling tower operation and so is power washing. There are many benefits to power washing a cooling tower like improving the cooling tower’s efficiency which in turn minimizes cost. Power washing will be extremely beneficial if the water treatment program causes scale deposits, as it will loosen and remove most scale to allow the cooling tower to work more efficiently. Control of organic growth such as bacteria like Legionella with chemical biocides is much more effective in a clean cooling tower, so power washing to remove the debris is essential for safe operation. Buildup of sediment accelerates corrosion as well, so another perk from power washing a cooling tower is extension of the cooling tower system’s life. Maintenance inspections are also more effective in a clean cooling tower, allowing critical components to be visible and not obscured with debris. While power washing a cooling tower the water spray nozzles and distribution system should be cleaned, inspected, and maintained, ensuring those systems are working at full capacity and providing energy efficient operation. Since the benefits of power washing a cooling tower can go on for miles we have just listed a few of the most important ones. We invite you to call our office for a free quote on power washing your cooling tower system.