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September – 2012                                             
Welcome to the  TRS, Inc.  andSparkleWash of Denver newsletter.

Look, if  “Free Beer!” doesn’t get your attention – maybe this year’s speakers and exhibitors will.  Yes, there will be free refreshments – even “Free Beer!”– at the Advanced Facilities Management and Engineering Conference (AFEC) Reception on October 3, 2012, beginning at 4:00 PM. 

For detailed information on why you should attend, which companies are exhibiting and the list of speakers and topics please click on this link: AFEC


To get your Free entry to the exhibition hall and “Free Beer!”, click here: TICKET


Both TRS, Inc. and SparkleWash of Denver

will be hosting an exhibit this year and we invite you to stop by both of our booths to see the great new products and services we are offering.


Stop by and see the new  SmartRelease  technology brought to you by TRS, Inc.   Let us show you

how this safe, simple and reliable technology delivers scale  and corrosion inhibitors and microbial control for cooling towers and other applications.  SmartReleasecan also help you receive LEED points for your building.  To preview a demonstration on how this technology works, click on this link:  SmartRelease®


TRS, Inc. will also be displaying some new products from Apex Engineering Products Corporation. TRS, Inc. is proud to represent and introduce the completeRYDALL® family of biodegradable degreasers. Combined with the unrivalled biodegradable descaler,RYDLYME, the new RYDALL®  biodegradable degreaser family of products offers the complete cleaning solution for all of your critical equipment or systems. TRS, Inc.  will be showing the new Rydall CC,Rydall MP and Rydall OE products at the conference.Finally, there is an environmentally friendly solution for degreasing and general cleaning applications that actually works!


SparkleWash of Denver will be displaying various ways to keep your facility sparkling clean inside and out using environmentally clean and safe products as well.SparkleWash of Denver is using the new Rydall MPproduct to clean oil, grease, soot, fat and grime from restaurant exhaust hoods and filters. We have also used this product for cleaning industrial vehicles and equipment. Stop by and see how we may be able to help solve your buildings dirty problems.



Print this email and bring it to either the TRS, Inc. orSparkleWash of Denver booth to be entered into a drawing for a free gift.  You can choose any one of the gifts listed by click here:   GIFTS  There is no need to be present at the drawing to win. The drawing will be held on the second day of the conference, October 4, 2012. The winner will be notified by email or by phone.


Thank you and we will see you at the conference. If you would like more information regarding the conference or any of our products, please feel free to contact us at: 303-499-6722.


TRS, Inc.
Smart Release

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